What Is Eco Fashion And Why Is It Getting So Popular Now?

Eco Fashion is a relativaely new word and style that has recently come to our attention over the last few years and is getting more popular by the day.

Eco clothes in the fashion world-min

10 times more energy is needed to produce a ton of textiles than to produce a ton of glass. Huge amounts of energy, natural resources and toxic chemicals are used to produce many of the clothes widely available today, as many production techniques are out-of-date and in need of a makeover. 10 times more energy is needed to produce a ton of textiles than to produce a ton of glass and the US textile industry has the 5th highest CO2 emissions in the country.

What is eco fashion
What Is Eco Fashion

The closest and most precise definition eco-fashion is: “environmentally-friendly” clothing or fashion design that takes into account not only the environment, but the health of consumers. Eco Fashion encompasses several factors that will make a product fall under this category.

If we want to choose natural clothes, –

1. The clothes mast need to be made from natural textiles or materials like recycled any plastic.

2. Clothes that are mast made without the use of all harmful chemicals, dyes or bleaches.

3. All natural clothes amst made using raw materials, without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Clothes eco fashion style
clothes Eco Fashion style

4. In recent years, clothes Eco Fashion style were not that attractive and were looked at as dull, boring, not creative, unpopular fabrics, but now has come a day, no longer is Eco Fashion associated with hemp bracelets but with high world fashion.

5. Has now created clothes for all categories including: kid’s clothing, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, dresses, and others clthes and they all use a combination of organic and naturale materials.

6. Thankfully, thanks to internet and the celebrity influence, eco fashion is being seen more and more as a desirable option now.

7. Bamboo fabrics that are derived from natural materials and are often considered environmentally friendly but harsh chemicals are terrible for the environment.

Bamboo clothing
bamboo clothing

8. As for packaging, it clearly contributes to increased waste and environmental pollution. It’s great if it will be paper bags, compared to traditional plastic. The location of plants and suppliers is important. The fabric can be made in one country, dyed in another, clothing in a third before it is sent for sale. It is necessary that the distribution process is as simplified and environmentally friendly as possible. It’s great if you buy clothes from a local manufacturer.

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