How to Host an Eco Friendly Birthday Party?

How to have an eco-party to celebrate a birthday? Organizing a green birthday party may seem like an impossible task, but there are actually many eco-friendly options that can suit you. The following tips will help you organize the best birthday party:

Think about the last children’s party you attended…Most likely, you will remember a huge number of balloons, disposable plastic cups and plates, a lot of toys, most of them Chinese, etc. Many of these items do not decompose in the landfill, which means that after being thrown out, they add to the collection of landfills and cause harm to the environment. Here are some simple ideas on how to organize an eco-friendly birthday party that everyone will love.

1. Eco invitations

Eco birthday invitations

E-mail invitations. Use e-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or social networks. In the end, just invite your friends over the phone, they will be pleased. Send your guests a truly unique invitation with a boarding card. These invitations are printed on seed paper, meaning they have chamomile and snapdragon seeds embedded in them.

After your guests read about the location and details of the party, they can plant their cards directly in the soil and watch for new flowers to appear.

2. Reusable decor

Reusable decor

The best party decorations are those things that don’t end up in a landfill. Nowadays, it is not hard to find people who are engaged in handmade jewelry for eco parties. Alternatively, a homemade birthday decor made from recycled paper with your own hands is also suitable. You will find a lot of ideas for inspiration on the Internet. As a result, some things you can buy, others you can do yourself.

Another time, you can use them again, or switch with other parents, or resell them.

3. Don’t buy balloons or paper lanterns

Don't buy balloons or paper lanterns

Look at the photos of what happens to them after they fly into the sky and are thrown into the landfill.

How birds, seals, sea turtles and other marine life that were entangled or suffocated by the balloon’s ribbon die. How huge whales die when they take the balls for food. This beautiful and insidious at the same time decor for holidays, it is high time to ban, as a threat to the lives of many animals.

4. Use reusable dishes instead of plastic

Using recycled materials for the event is a significant step forward. But when they end up in a landfill, especially after a single use, it’s a step back again. For the event, it is best to rent porcelain and glass dishes. It looks better and unlike plastic dishes does not cause such harm to nature or changes the taste of food. Say «no» to plastic!

You can also use disposable dishes without wood and oil components, made from corn, potatoes and parts of sugar cane that remain in the production of sugar.

After the event, try to use only 100% degradable and recyclable bags for garbage collection.

5. Gifts are not plastic toys

First of all, give up all kinds of packaging paper, which is simply wasteful. It is the first to be thrown in the trash and does not bring any benefit, all the birthday people try to get rid of it first. Ask guests to bring gifts without gift wrapping or wrap them in eco-friendly wrapping paper. A gift bag made of fabric is perfect.

Ask your guests to bring eco-friendly birthday gifts. Traditional gifts can be wasteful because your child doesn’t need them (for example, he/she may have enough toys).

Gifts are not plastic toys

Come up with your own version of gifts for your child, which will not later become a mountain of unnecessary garbage and at the same time, will leave pleasant memories for everyone who took part in it. Create, for example, a handmade store where each of the invited guests can create their own work of art and then give it to the birthday boy or take it home with them as a reminder of their birthday. Children will like this idea, because they like to have fun!

6. Plan your holiday menu correctly

Consider healthy economy. Buy vegetables and fruits at the home market and do not forget to take a special cloth bag with you so that you have something to bring them home in. Fruit and vegetable cuts can be carried in glass sealed containers if you are planning an outdoor picnic or barbecue in the country. Prepare homemade crackers or order simple crunchy snacks at the nearest inexpensive restaurant. Take drinks in glass bottles and refuse plastic bottles. Make a menu of simple and healthy products of local origin. Look for a good local Baker to bake cake and cookies. This will largely avoid packaging and keep your expenses under control.

Your child’s birthday only occurs once a year. If he (or she) likes sweets, then, of course, you should not deny him this. But there is no need for the whole table to be full of sweets.

Buy beeswax birthday candles. They are eco-friendly, clean, safe and smell of honey.

7. Don’t leave trash after your holiday

Don't leave trash after your holiday

If at the end of the holiday you have a lot of good food left, collect it in paper bags and distribute it to the guests. Another option is to take the products to a charity. Take all food waste to the compost heap. Remove all the garbage and sort it out.

8. Make the activities on the street eco-friendly

In the spring and summer, try to hold all activities on the street. Drinks and snacks can be placed on benches, and wine barrels can be used instead of folding chairs.

A portable solar-powered generator will allow you to install music equipment in any convenient place.

In the evening, you can light up the event venue using lanterns powered by solar energy accumulated during the day. Or using candles made of natural soy, wax in fireproof containers — these candles do not pollute the atmosphere, burn without soot and release toxins, unlike conventional candles. Lighting with candles will give the event a special atmosphere of magic and comfort.

9. Think of living flowers

Do not throw away flowers after the event. They can be dried and then used for ikebana or decorative elements. This is another way to support local farmers and reduce the use of synthetic chemical pesticides.

If you can refuse to cut flowers, do it. Instead of cutting, use different types of plants and flowers for decoration in pots.

10. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If at the end of the party something still had to be thrown in the trash — do not blame yourself! Take this initiative not as a goal for its own sake, but as an opportunity to change your attitude to the problem of recycling and involve other people in it. The main thing is that you have already started to change your world and save the environment. This is really important for our future.


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